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Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12 Like a Virgin

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have you been waiting this long for the Supernatural TV series to come back? maybe everyone expects such as, and finally Supernatural starts up again on January 28. This will be Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12 with titled Like a Virgin. The CW will broadcast it officially on Friday January 28 at 9pm, enjoy the synopsis below.

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12 Like a Virgin
The Winchester takes a rest for a while and return for much greater series of episode specially that Sam’s soul might be back to his body after Mr. Death return it to him with “walls” that will make him temporarily forget hell’s experiences (refer to Supernatural season 6 episode 11 – Appointment in Samarra for what happened to him). Maybe this is the reason why “Like a Virgin” is the title of the episode because Sam might feel this way after his resurrection from the cage.

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12 Like a Virgin Synopsis:
While waiting to see if Sam emerges from the coma that Death left him in after the restoration of his soul, Dean and Bobby investigate a case of disappearing virgins and discover that dragons are responsible. To stop them, Dean must prove himself worthy.

Well, you can watch Episode 12: Like a Virgin with an airing schedule on January 28, 2011. Maybe you are intrigued why they gave “Like a Virgin” as the episode title. Let’s just put it this way. In this episode, the local virgins are going to be kidnapped by a dragon with massive wings, scales and a lair to keep its prey. Their rescue depends to the Winchester brothers’ hands. Will they be able to save the damsels-in-distress? Then we could call them the knights in shining armor.
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