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Secret Garden Episode 20 Final

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Secret Garden’ gets so much popular, I'm addict and never miss any episode of Secret garden. Soon we will arrive at the end of the story of this drama, we have come to Secret Garden Episode 20, the final episode. Oh my god! I can’t believe it will all come to an end in 2 more episodes.

I have no doubt that Joo Won and Ra Im will have a happy ending together, just curious if Joo Won will regain his memory at the end.

As for Oska + Yoon Seul + Tae Sun, good luck to them! Haha…just joking. But it’s an interesting 3-way relationship. I guess we’ll have to wait till this weekend o find out what exactly gonna happen to them. SWEET!

Hmmm….when will another worthy Korean Drama coming to fill the spot after Secret Garden ended? Or will there be any?

Preview for episode 20 of Secret Garden

Joo Won and Director Park sit face to face, Park becomes rather tense while looking at Joo Won. Joo Won asks Park to rise to the top position, and he will draw from his own position, he requests Director Park to help him. Tae Sun is giving Oska harsh and abusive trainings; Yoon Seul comes in to give Oska his schedule. Tae Sun asks Oska to go out and run some errands. After Oska has left, the two Tae Sun and Yoon Seul start arguing…

Oska is suffering under Sun’s rigorous training regimen. Seul comes to hand Oska his upcoming schedule. Sun asks Oska to go do something for him. After Oska leaves, Sun and Seul start to bicker…
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