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Watch Sisanje (Skinning) 2010 Online

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Watch Sisanje (Skinning) 2010 movie Online free here. Šišanje is a new film by young director Stevan Filipovic and it deals with increase of youth violence in Serbia. It was already mentioned here on Belgraded a while ago, as it took the authors nearly four years to complete it. movie looks promising, I’ll definitely watch it. What do you think, judging by the available trailers?

SISANJE is a story of a young Belgrade high school math champ Novica who gets seduced into the world of skinheads by their charismatic leader Relja. Novica joins the gang of racist skinheads in an attempt to overcome the geek status in school but soon enough he is sucked into the world of racism, violence and hooliganism, the skinhead movement takes him over and eventually he starts climbing up the ladder in the skinhead hierarchy.

Watch Sisanje (Skinning) 2010 Online

Plot: Life is sometimes rude game, one mistake can buy you ticket to hell.

Director: Stevan Filipovic

Release Date: 2010

Flow: Action, Crime, Drama

Cast: Jasmina Avramovic, Predrag Ejdus as Professor Hadzi-Tankersley, Ivon Jafali Novinarka that, Nikola Kojo as Milutin, as Guslar Zoran Maksimovic, Dragan Micanovic, Milan Mihailovic as Father Novicin, Petar Mihailovic as a young politician, Srdjan Miletic, Government Milic as coronary (as Vladimir Milic), Vujadin as Djomla Milosevic, Zoran Nastic as the Beast, Bojana Novakovic, My, Milan Ojdanic as Thug, Nikola Rakocevic as Novica, Viktor Savic as Galleria, Natasa Solak as Lydia
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