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Team Bieber Teddy Bear Shirt

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Want to know the answer to “What number is on the Team Bieber Teddy Bear shirt?” The number “01″ is on the Team Bieber Teddy Bear shirt. Yeah, Parents everywhere want to know what the number is on the Team Bieber Teddy Bear Shirt as part of the big Toys R Us Scavenger Hunt. Earlier this week, people were searching for the answer to “What Year Was FAO Schwarz Established?”, and now it seems the craze has shifted to the Justin Bieber Team Bieber Teddy Bear Shirt.

Justin Bieber Teddy Bear Shirt
The term "Justin Bieber Teddy Bear Shirt" has been climbing the trending search terms as parents everywhere. Will you be buying your child a Team Bieber Teddy Bear for Christmas? Are you participating in the Toys R Us Scavenger Hunt?

We don't want to help you cheat, but we'll give you one hint. It's the same number as on the normal Team Bieber t-shirts. And just think, we forgot to list the trending teddy bears on ultimate Justin Bieber gift guide.
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