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Free Download QWOP Game Strategy

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Free Download QWOP Olympic Simulation Games Strategy for you. This game is the last radgoll game based flash games. QWOP game developed by Too many ninjas and Top Spinner. The game recently became popular again after being mentioned in a recent video from Ray William Johnson, due to the demanding popularity, I figured I would provide a link to download, play and embed the flash game, I hope this is helpful for those of you searching the net for the game.

Free Download QWOP
Game QWOP, there are four buttons that can be used, namely: Q, W, O and P. From this can be understood why the game is called QWOP game. Gamers must strive to Qwop can work as much as possible without falling.
QWOP games: atest radgoll Games

QWOP Embed Code:
<a href=””>Free Flash Games</a><br /><object width=”640&#8243; height=”400&#8243;>
<param name=”movie” value=””>
<embed src=”” width=”640&#8243; height=”400&#8243;>
</object><br><a href=””>Free Flash Games</a>

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