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Christ Koulis Cause of Death

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dr. Christ Koulis has been found dead tonight in Chicago and all people ask and want to know the cause of death of Christ Koules. What exactly is the cause of the death of Christ Koules? Let’s just follow the news and news of Christ Koules cause of death.

After two days of Christ Koulis’ death, it has become confirmed the of his death was a heart attack. It was found out when the 42 years old man was taken to the Northwestern Hospital in Chicago where then he died there at 5:45 AM on Saturday.

Christ Koulis Cause of Death
It should be noted that Christ had been twisted to provide Koules Buchanan drugs illegally three years ago. Koules Christ was on trial at the time of the disappearance Bucahanan in July 2005.

Koules Christ was released on bail shortly after by his accusations. Koules Christ had hung about Free, waiting for that plea, verdict without serving two years ordered by the court.

Christ Koulist’s lawyer in the past, David Raybin has stated that his cause of death might be because of a heart attack. He also speculated that the trigger might be because of the stress and heavy pressure that Koulist had to take regarding the case although he was confidence that he might win his appeal.
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