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Meteor Shower Tonight

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Watch the Perseid Meteor Showers tonight, The appearance of this year's Perseid meteor shower will reach its peak on August 13 in the morning. The best location to see this meteor shower is the countries in the northern hemisphere. Venus, Mars, and Saturn will continue to decorate the sky began an hour after sunset until late at night.

All three planets were forming a triangle formation with Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, shone most brightly in the bottom point. Accompanying red planet Mars and Saturn in the top left on the right side. "They clustered in a relatively small area and formed a compelling," said Joe Rao, an astronomer who writes for the site

Meteor Shower Tonight
Venus, he continued, easily visible to the naked eye just by looking to the west and northwest. "Mars and Saturn is difficult, because the rays only 1 / 150 of Venus. He advocated the use of binoculars to see the planet's triangle formation. "But people in rural areas will not be difficult to find a trio that," he said.

Venus, Mars and Saturn will end with their appearance, which began early last month, on 12 August. United States space agency NASA says the planet is disappearing in the darkness of the sky around 10 pm.

That's when the phenomenon was followed by sky: Perseid meteor shower. This phenomenon has actually been going on since July 17, but reached its peak on August 12, coinciding with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

Perseid meteor shower appears due to debris-tail of Comet Swift Tuttle, who crossed the Milky Way galaxy 133 years. "Earth's orbit over the line. Upon entering the atmosphere, evaporating comet tail pieces, and create a meteor," said Rao.

If the weather support, the public can see the rain falling star in all places. "Most good look at the dark sky, away from city lights," he said. According to him, the best time to witness this spectacular show there two nights: Wednesday, August 11th around midnight until the wee hours Friday, August 13th.
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