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Watch The Good Guys "Pilot"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Watch The Good Guys Episode 1 titled "Pilot" which has a special preview tonight, Wednesday, May 19, 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT. It stars Colin Hanks, Bradley Whitford, Jenny Wade, and Diana Maria Rivera. It was created by Matt Nix.

Hanks and Whitford play a pair of Texan cops who are cut from the classic oil-and-water buddy comedy cloth. Hanks plays the buttoned-up Jack Bailey while Whitford plays the unbuttoned Dan Stark. Bailey longs for a more high-profile gig than chasing down stolen humidifiers while Stark barely lives a sober moment, more focused on his mustache grooming than anything else. Jenny Wade plays Assistant District Attorney Liz Traynor while Diana Maria Riva co-stars as Lt. Ana Ruiz.

Watch The Good Guys

This series can be very, very funny. Colin Hanks and Whitford, as the two mismatched partners at the center of the show, have tremendous comic chemistry, and when the two start rolling, it's easy to see why Fox rushed this one into development to get it on after Idol and have new episodes run in the summer. It's the perfect kind of escapist show when it wants to be, and in that regard, it recalls creator Matt Nix's other show, Burn Notice. This is a show, as was Burn Notice, that revives the cliches of the kinds of TV that were on in the '70s and '80s, sticks them in a bag with the self-aware irony and serialization of so many shows from today, then gives them a good shake to see what sticks together. And like Burn Notice, The Good Guys has a pilot that's more interesting for what it points toward than for what it actually is.

The Synopsis for The Good Guys "Pilot"

In the special series preview of Matt Nix's new action-comedy, THE GOOD GUYS, old-school cop Dan Stark and modern-day detective Jack Bailey expose the big picture of small crime. Pursuing a routine investigation of a stolen humidifier, Jack and Dan are inadvertently thrust into a much larger case involving drug smugglers, hired assassins and a stolen green golf bag. Reminded of the way he busted punks back in the good old days, Dan convinces Jack to go along for the ride, and in their reckless pursuit of justice, the two wind up risking their lives, breaking a flurry of department regulations and reminding their boss, Lieutenant Ana Ruiz, and Jack's ex-girlfriend, Assistant District Attorney Liz Traynor, why these good guys will be spending many more days investigating seemingly minor crimes in the "Pilot" episode of THE GOOD GUYS airing Wednesday, May 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The Good Guys is exactly what I want from a TV show when I’m feeling like Jenny Wade’s first personality — when I don’t want to think. That happens often at the end of a long day and to just be entertained is a pure pleasure.

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