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Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream Free

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The free live streaming of Mayweather vs Mosley match will start at the following time zones: 09:00 PM (EST, Eastern Standard Time), 06:00 PM (PST, Pacific Standard Time), and 02:00 (GMT+1 - United Kingdom). This is an exciting battle that awaited in the entire world and both boxers will fight in Las Vegas.

Mosley was also considered a 4-1 underdog when he fought Mexican slugger Antonio Margarito in January last year. Some boxing analysts even predicted that Mosley’s career would be over after the fight. However, it was the then-37-year-old Mosley who dominated the match, stopping Margarito in the ninth round.

Hence, it is understandable when Mosley says that there is no way he is going to be victim number 41 for Mayweather. “I’m saying to you guys again, that isn’t going to happen. He’s not going to beat me,” he said, adding that he is going to go for a knockout while admitting that it would not be easy. “I go for a knockout, but I’ll be shocked to see him just laying there on his back like that… happy, but shocked.”

Mosley, however, could be rusty as he has not fought since winning against Margarito due to the cancellation of his January match against Andre Berto. On the other hand, Mayweather is coming off a unanimous decision win against a clearly over-matched and smaller Juan Manuel Marquez. Mayweather defeated Marquez in September, almost two years since retiring in December 2007.

Physically, Mosley is the bigger guy, with a one-inch height and two-inch reach advantage. However, Mayweather is younger at only 33 years old to Mosley’s 38. Record-wise, Mayweather is undefeated in 40 fights with 25 knockouts, while Mosley has a ring record of 46 wins, 5 losses, and 1 draw, with 39 of his wins coming via the short route. Mayweather has the clear advantage in defense, but if there is anything that could make that defense break, it is Mosley’s combination of speed and power.

Ok, so much for this very long introductions. Just come back here before 9:00 PM Eastern Time on May 1, 2010 to watch the most awaited boxing event this year. Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley live from MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, United States.

So who are you picking?

Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream Update

UPDATE May 1, 2010 5:03 PM ET: 4 hours from now, the most awaited Mayweather vs Mosley boxing event will start. We'll be updating this post later to give you the instructions of how to watch the live stream for free.

UPDATE May 1, 2010 6:40 PM ET: We are now finalizing and doing tests on our live streaming channels via SopCast. Stay tuned for more updates tonight.

UPDATE May 1, 2010 8:00 PM ET: -> Here are the instructions to watch Mayweather vs. Mosley live stream:

Download SOP Cast Player here. Unzip it. Install it in your PC and log in as anonymous. After that, try the following links as SOP Cast Address. The first one is working perfectly fine.


UPDATE May 1, 2010 8:15 PM ET: Two more fights before the much awaited boxing match of Mayweather vs. Mosley. The undercard Featherweight bout before Daniel Ponce de Leon (Mexico) vs Cornelius Lock (USA) has just started.

UPDATE May 1, 2010 8:37 PM ET: Daniel Ponce de Leon had a huge cut in one of his eyes. The fight is already in Round 7.

UPDATE May 1, 2010 8:50 PM ET: Daniel Ponce de Leon won the fight via Unanimous Decision. He retained his title as the WBO Latino Featherweight Champion. Next fight is between Saul Alvarez (Mexico) vs Jose Miguel Cotto (Puerto Rico).

UPDATE May 1, 2010 9:18 PM ET: Saul Alvarez and Miguel Cotto fight is currently in Round 4. Next fight after this is the main event between Mayweather and Mosley.

UPDATE May 1, 2010 9:45 PM ET: Saul Alvarez won via TKO over Miguel Cotto in Round 9. This is it guys! Upcoming fight is Mayweather vs. Mosley!

UPDATE May 1, 2010 10:00 PM ET: Mayweather vs. Mosley fight has not yet started. They are now preparing and wrapping their hands with their respective gloves. It will start in just a few minutes from now.

SOP Cast is working just perfectly fine. Sometimes, the sound is distorted but it will be ok in just less than 1 minute so just hang on. Minutes from now, Mayweather vs. Mosley fight will start.

UPDATE May 1, 2010 10:16 PM ET: Chris Brown just sang the National Anthem. Mayweather and Mosley is coming to the boxing ring now.

UPDATE May 1, 2010 10:36 PM ET: Round 1 has just finished. Round 2 began. The fight looks very exciting. Crowd shouts for Mosley!

UPDATE May 1, 2010 10:48 PM ET: The fight is already in Round 5. Mosley rocks in this fight! SOP Cast only works for PC users. Unfortunately, it does not work for MAC users.

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