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Dora the Explorer Illegal Immigrant

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dora the Explorer Illegal Immigrant, this group is so weird, just look at the title: Why Dora's parents let their children walk alone? This group was also slightly racist, because in one of the commentators Dora is considered one of Mexico, and is considered Illegal Immigrants ... hahahaha

under her profile photo: "Your Favorite Illegal Immigrant"

and because he was everywhere along with monkeys, bags and maps that can talk made him increasingly considered STRANGE ... kkakaka.. I've heard there are small children who follow Dora, fled out of the home alone while carrying a map and a bag haha..

Dora the Explorer Illegal Immigrant

one of the contents of his wall:
Should her parents be turned over to child peotective seevices. the girl hangs out with a monkey, fox, bull, a fereaking beaver, and a lizard? That Should nobody have many animal friends. Hows bout getting the girl Some human friennds besides a mermaid, and fairy princesses. dont get me started on the freaky talking backpack and map
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