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Disney S Most Outrageous Hidden Message

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Disney S Most outrageous hidden message from Chosen by Voters Yahoo Answer

Ok there's alot...

Lion king: SEX in flowers after Simba falls into the grass. Proven

The Rescuers: As they take off, there's a small clip of a naked woman in the window background. Proven

Aladdin: After the song, Its a whole new world, Aladdin whispers something like "good teens have sex in bed" or something like that. He does say it, but Its REALLY hard to hear exactly what he says.

Little Mermaid: First front cover had a penis on one of the towers of Atlantis. Also there's a part where the priest giving Ursula and the Prince's wedding has a *****, but Disney claimed that was just his knee. {yea.... convenient spot for that disney...]

That's all I know off the top of my head. Also, many don't know this, but the original character of Mickey was a porn figure. I've heard that there were some characters that were Nazi's [like Donald] but I don't know for sure.

I felt the need to respond to this given many people on Facebook seemingly believe, for some reason, that there are hidden messages in Disney film. The answer, quite simply, is...true, at ONE time. They were NEVER there because of DISNEY, they were there because of the animators (if you will). Each "hidden message" was changed when found because, as most of you SHOULD know, DISNEY is not about sexual innuendo. That being said, I've even heard one person go so far as to say (a person ON the Disney internship no less) that "Disney creates these hidden messages to make children gay." Needless to say, this person is/was/will apparently always be an idiot and slipped through the cracks and into the internship. Every single "hidden message" has been changed, long ago, and will never be seen in any DVD you purchase...why? Well, Disney has a reputation to uphold and that reputation far exceeds any cartoonist's agenda, any person's ignorance or those that claim "to like Disney is to conform." To those not "conforming" you ARE conforming...unless you've become Amish and if so, congrats on CONFORMING to Amish society! So in other words...get a freakin' life people

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