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The Bachelor Finale 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bachelor Finale 2010 is only a week away, and fans of the show are dying to know who will Jake choose? Good girl Tenley, or controversial free spirit Vienna? Bachelor Jake has said that he's in love with both women, which is a tall task indeed considering how different the two ladies are.

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Tenley Moizahn, 25, is a sweet college admissions officer who has only had sex with one man in her life, a former husband. Moizahn got along with the rest of the contestants, and is probably considered the fan favorite for the finale.

Vienna Girardi, 23, is a former Hooters waitress and has been portrayed as the femme fatale this season. Generally despised by the rest of the girls competing, Vienna has pursued Jake aggressively and has been anything but subtle.

So how is it that Jake has fallen for two completely different girls? From day one, Jake has said he loves how honest and direct Vienna is, and is drawn how strongly she approaches their relationship, and is challenged by her personality.

On the other hand, Tenley represents the core values Jake says he wants in a wife: caring, open and completely loving.

Personally, it seems that Jake and Tenley are the perfect couple. They're both seemingly nice people, but a little bit on the boring side. They'd probably make a nice couple, and will look great on a US magazine cover.

But now I think most people should be rooting for Vienna! Wouldn't it be more interesting to see the villain win for once? Plus she'd add a little excitement to the post-bachelor buzz, as it appears she already has a few screws loose. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see her reaction if Jake, post show, decides he really wants to be with Ali, the contestant who left due to work commitments? It's possible Vienna could perform America's first on-air murder of a reality show contestant.

So just for the sake of excitement, root for Vienna. She's irritating and has more than a few skeletons in her closet, but at least has a pulse. Actually, scratch that; she'd be much more entertaining as the star of the next Bachelorette.
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