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How to Treat Hair Loss

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Don't delay in treating hair loss!,” Said experts in the field of hair and scalp. They found that women very often a waste of time to treat the damaged hair because they prefer to wait until find the right treatment. It should, he immediately consult to dermatologist for proper treatment.

You are experiencing hair loss of course want your hair back to normally. The following are some ways worth listening to cope with hair loss:

How to Treat Hair Loss?

Treatment of Foreign
Hair ointment or liquid medicine to cope hair loss that is applied to the scalp. The medicine will soften hair and reduce hair collapse. Use a hair drug regularly during the treatment time is determined by a dermatologist, because if not then the new hair growth may fall too quickly.

Treatment taken

Usually the type of treatment is a pill taken antiandrogen which proved successful for most people with hair loss. However, pregnant women and who plan to become pregnant prohibited medication hair, because it can interfere the health of the fetus.

Birth control pills and hormone therapy can be an alternative drug to prevent hair loss. Unfortunately this type of treatment can't create new hair grows.


Specifically for the treatment of alopecia areata hair loss, with to inject the drug cortisone hair on the scalp. For maximum results are also given cortisone in pill.


This drug easiest hair! Whatever type of you hair loss, wig can change it immediately. You just choose a light weight, comfortable to wear or type was set in style with various colors. Wig made from real hair, plastic or a combination of both.
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