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Cabanas' condition Improves After Shooting

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cabanas' condition Improves After Shooting - Doctors who deal Paraguay striker and Club America, Salvador Cabanas, Ernesto Martinez, said brain fluid flow and clot in Cabanas' head had stopped and deflate. These conditions increase the odds Cabanas to recover.

Cabanas suffered head injuries after being shot by a man, who was captured, but his identity kept secret by police, last Tuesday. The bullet didn't penetrate and is still lodged in his head. originally doctors intended to operate Cabanas to remove the bullet. However, the plan was canceled, because of complications, namely discharge clot brain in the Cabanas head. According to Ernesto, he could not do anything, until the liquid stops flowing, and if not stopped, Cabanas lives threatened.

"Salvador is still critical. However, there is an increase. The study shows, clouds began to shrink. His condition is more stable. This is the best day since he arrived here, "Ernesto said.
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